Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Products

Well, I've definitely haven't had the time to update the blog as much as I originally wanted to. Oh, well... This message is just a short one to announce some new products. The natives at the Taboo Island workshop have been busy! First off, we have a new pendant by Squid:

"All rise for the Mystic Imperial Potentate! He has returned from his extensive tour of Shriner conventions and parades on Taboo Island.

This pendant, designed by Squid, is the deluxe version of the limited edition Squll pendant we did for Tiki Oasis 8 in 2008, which sold out very fast during the show. This version is an open edition and is one of the most complicated pendants produced by anyone to date. His aged fez has real velvet flocking and a tattered tassel, and his bloodshot eyeball is made from real coral. After drinking just too many zombies during his trip, his eyeball has started to sag a little, but don't wory, you can always regain his attention by pulling the tassle and watching his eyeball bounce back into place.

Each pendant measures 1.75" tall, has an adjustable waxed cotton cord for your wearing pleasure and is hand made right here in Hawaii. Be sure to check out the other versions currently offered. You will find different colors of skulls (including a "ghost white" and "zombie green" version), as well as variations on the color of the fez, size of the eyebal, color of the tassle, and amount of eyeball droopage. No two are alike!"

We've also brought back an old Thor design in the form of a fridge magnet:

"Here is Thor's classic Easter Island Moai tiki design in magnet form. A set of 3 perfect for the refrigerator or office file cabinet, each 2.5" tall!

Each of these is cast from high quality resin and is hand painted, so colors may vary slightly. Attached to the back is a very strong neodymium magnet, which is way stronger than the usual flexible brown magnets. Hand made right here in Hawaii!"

We these and a bunch of new vintage tiki art prints, there is a lot of new, great stuff that has washed ashore at Taboo Island!

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